Creating Dealership Content on Facebook

The advent of digital and mobile technology has significantly transformed car research and purchasing experience. When considering a purchase, potential customers often turn to dealers’ social media profiles as one of their primary sources of information. Dealers have a valuable opportunity to showcase their brand and establish trust by consistently sharing relevant and engaging content on social media platforms.

Among these platforms, Facebook stands out as a powerful and enjoyable tool in a dealer’s marketing arsenal. However, it operates on a “use it or lose it” principle. When dealers actively nurture their Facebook presence, they can reap the rewards. Conversely, if they neglect it, it will remain dormant. With a little effort and strategic planning, Facebook has the potential to enhance a dealer’s reputation and foster local connections, creating a mutually beneficial outcome.

To fully leverage the power of Facebook, dealers must embrace the social aspect of social media. The more dealers interact with users on the platform, the more interest they will generate. Responding to every comment or question, as well as engaging with other users and pages through likes, shares, and comments, helps build momentum and attract attention.

PRO TIP: Personalized replies from dealers let followers know that the dealer is listening and can highlight their brand personality.

How to Enhance a Dealers Facebook Page/Profile

Many car dealers’ Facebook Pages are not completely filled out. Be sure to fill out the following:

  • Addresses for every location
  • Phone number & hours of operation
  • Mission statement
  • Direct links to the website
  • Upload inventory to Vehicles Tab
  • Set the Action Button to “View Inventory” or “Send Message”

Optimizing Facebook organic reach requires dealers to consider several best practices:

  1. Timing: Consistency and quality are key when it comes to posting content. Use the “When My Fans Are Online” tool in the “Insights” tab to understand the optimal posting times for your specific audience. Establish a content calendar and determine a posting frequency that works for your dealership. Studies show that the best times to post are typically between 12 PM and 4 PM.
  2. Stay on Facebook: Facebook prioritizes content that keeps users engaged on the platform. While link-based posts that drive traffic to external websites can be useful, they tend to receive less engagement. Focus on creating posts that inspire interactions, such as videos, questions, polls, and other engaging content. For maximum organic reach with videos, upload them directly to Facebook, as the algorithm favours native videos over third-party links.
  3. Be Creative with Content: Dealers should aim to make their posts actionable and capture the audience’s attention. Strive for a balance between positioning yourself as an industry player and entertaining your audience. Here are some ideas to inspire your Facebook posts:
    • Videos, images, memes, or infographics that don’t link out anywhere
    • Personal anecdotes, testimonials, reviews, and success stories
    • Meaningful tips, guides, and resources
    • Ask questions and create “this or that?” or “Caption this!” posts
    • Video testimonials from recent customers
    • Inventory presentations and vehicle walk-arounds
    • Explain cool features and technology
    • Highlight charity and community involvement, and tag relevant organizations in the post.

Utilizing Facebook Stories: Facebook Stories have become an essential feature on the platform, and dealers should take advantage of them. Stories allow dealers to share short-form, spontaneous content that appears prominently in their followers’ news feeds. By using Stories, dealers can bypass the Facebook algorithm and instantly capture their followers’ attention.

Engaging with Facebook Groups: Dealers should actively participate in Facebook Groups to expand their network and reach highly engaged niche audiences. Groups provide an opportunity to connect with customers without being limited by the platform’s algorithm.

Facebook prioritizes content from Groups that users frequently engage with, so it’s important to join relevant groups. While car-related groups are beneficial, dealers should also explore popular local interests such as outdoor activities, pet meet-ups, book clubs, or history enthusiasts.

When engaging in Groups, dealers should respond to comments and interact with others authentically, avoiding a sales-oriented approach. This is an opportunity to build brand awareness and establish trust among the audience.

EXAMPLE: THIS ROCKS! In the example image below, the dealer knew that rock collecting and scavenging groups were popular within their local community. So, they made branded rocks and put together a Rock Hunt. They not only shared this post on their page but also in the local rock groups. This is a great example of how dealers can get involved in what’s going on at the local level.

“Need-To-Know” Facebook Image Sizes for Dealers

Images determine whether a dealer’s posts are a scroll-stopper, or totally just scrolled past! One of the biggest reasons for low quality images is because dealers haven’t sized them correctly – which you think would be pretty straightforward, right? …wrong! When it comes to Facebook, it’s not as simple as “one size fits all,” and a ton of dealers are unaware of that.

Facebook Newsfeed

  • Ratio: 1.91:1 to 1:1
  • Landscape: 1200 x 627 pixels (1.91:1)
  • Square: 1080 x 1080 pixels* (1:1) (Recommended)


  • Dealers need to use an Image that is at LEAST 1080 x 1080 pixels.

  • Dealers should NOT upload an image that is less than 600 x 600 pixels – that is the MINIMUM width/height required for their image!

  • Make sure that the file size does not exceed 30 MB.

Facebook Stories

  • Ratio: 9:16 (1080 x 1920 pixels)


  • Facebook Stories run from the top of a phone screen all the way to the bottom…so to avoid an image covering their call-to-action, be sure to leave about 14% (250 pixels) of the image free from any text or logos.

  • Dealers need to use an Image that is at LEAST 1080 x 1080 pixels.

  • Dealers should NOT upload an image that has a width less than 500 pixels – that is the MINIMUM width required!

In Summary: How Dealers Will Maximize Organic Facebook