“Must-Know” Stat for Instagram: 500+ million people interact with Instagram Stories DAILY.

Getting Started With Instagram Organic

When starting with Instagram organic marketing, dealers should recognize that it offers a valuable opportunity to expand their reach and increase brand awareness without incurring costs. However, it’s important to note that simply reposting content from Facebook to Instagram is not an effective strategy. Instagram has a distinct visual focus, unlike Facebook where posts often contain more text. On Instagram, the audience expects visually appealing content with fewer words and status updates.

Dealers should aim to inspire users with visually captivating and engaging content that aligns with the desired aesthetic of Instagram. This includes posting high-quality images and videos that resonate with the platform’s visual nature. By adapting their content to fit the Instagram style, dealers can better capture the attention and interest of their audience on this image-centric platform.

PRO TIP: Dealers should follow a few of their 20 Group members or even competitors on Instagram! What do dealers like about their competitions overall page? What can be done better?

Setting Up a Dealership Instagram Profile

It’s important for dealers to fully enhance their Instagram profile and have the following set up on their profile:

  • Profile photo
  • Phone number and Location
  • Website (or a link to a specific landing page to drive traffic)
  • Bio
  • Action Buttons (CTA!)
  • All Public Business Information (Category, Contact Options)

Best Practices For Instagram Organic There’s a ton of Instagram features dealers can leverage to boost their store’s organic results, such as: Instagram Live, Reels, Stories, and more. Instagram Live With Instagram Live, dealers have the ability to connect with Instagram followers in real-time, via longer-form video content, and it’s a great way to host Q&A’s to answer any of the audiences burning questions. Whether dealers are posting a live tour of a new model-line or inventory, viewers will be able to ask questions and leave feedback in the comments – it’s great inspiration for future content!

PRO TIP: Dealers should promote Instagram lives via the Instagram Feed + on other social channels to increase attendance!

Instagram Reels

Dealers will want to create fun, inspiring videos to share with their friends or anyone on Instagram… because the content could potentially go viral! Using Instagram Reels, dealers can share entertaining, “punchy,” 15-second videos using creative tools inside the platform like audio, AR effects, speed, and so much more. Plus, if the Instagram account is public, there’s the potential to reach the diverse Instagram community on the “Explore” page.

PRO TIP: Using trending audios, hashtags, and effects will increase a dealers chances of being placed on a users “Explore” page and is super critical for success.

Have you observed the common practice on Instagram where brands or users share organic content with the phrase “Link In Bio”? But have you wondered why they don’t include the link directly in the post? The reason behind this is that Instagram does not allow clickable links or link previews in organic posts, unlike Facebook.

While this limitation might be seen as inconvenient, there is a simple solution: Whenever dealers want to direct their audience to an external link, they can easily add it to their Instagram bio (or profile) by accessing their page, selecting “Edit Profile,” and adjusting the website link field.

(Try using a LinkTree!)

Instagram Stories

Instagram Stories have become an essential feature on the platform and are utilized by brands across all industries. They provide dealers with the opportunity to share spontaneous and short-form content, ensuring their brand takes center stage in their followers’ Instagram feeds. By posting Stories, dealers can bypass the Instagram algorithm and have their content appear prominently when their followers open the app.

PRO TIP: Dealers should add Story Highlights to showcase their key stories previously posted. Story highlights allow dealers to select and categorize past stories they’ve posted, and spotlight them on their Instagram Profile Page. Try highlighting the Team, Service Lane, Local Events, and Specials! (Example image below.)

Dealers can stand out with the following Instagram Story tips:

  1. Keeping it real and authentic: Dealers should ensure their Stories feel spontaneous and capture moments as they happen, avoiding overly produced videos. This authenticity helps connect with followers on a more personal level.
  2. Utilizing location markers: By using the Location feature in Stories, dealers can increase their Story views. This allows them to reach a wider audience and attract local users who are interested in their dealership or location.
  3. Adding fun and engaging elements: Dealers should experiment with adding GIFs as stickers to their Stories. This can add a touch of creativity and playfulness, making their content more visually appealing and entertaining for viewers.
  4. Leveraging poll stickers: Poll stickers are a powerful tool for engagement. Dealers can regularly incorporate poll stickers in their Stories, asking simple questions with easy answers. This not only encourages interaction but also provides valuable insights and feedback from their audience.
  5. Storytelling: Dealers can use Stories to narrate their own stories. They can showcase teasers of new vehicle models, highlight new features in their showroom, or provide behind-the-scenes glimpses of their service drive. This creates excitement, builds anticipation, and helps followers feel more connected to the dealership’s brand.

PRO TIP: When dealers add a GIF sticker to their story, search “Gifmyride” on Instagram and browse dealership-specific animations like bows, keys, and speedometers!

Brand Aesthetic of Dealers

Every dealer’s profile page should highlight their dealership’s brand colours, tone, and core values to give their page its overall “aesthetic.” If a dealer does not already have a brand or style guide to help focus their posts, Instagram is a great way to start! Keep Instagram posts consistent with the colours and font, the angles they take for vehicle or customer photos, or even how content is “stacked” on the page (i.e., You can make every other image a customer review)!

Dealers can optimize images for Instagram to capture users’ attention and encourage them to stop scrolling and engage with their posts. Posting high-quality content is crucial as low-quality images often go unnoticed.

One common reason for low-quality images is incorrect sizing. However, dealers can easily avoid this issue by optimizing their images for Instagram. By using the correct image sizes based on the placement of their content (Instagram Feed, Stories, or IGTV), dealers can ensure their images appear crisp and visually appealing to users.

Instagram Feed

  • Ratio – 1:1 or 1.9:1
  • Landscape (1.91:1) – 1200 x 627 pixels
  • Square (1:1) – 1080 x 1080 pixels
  • Portrait (4:5) – 1080 x 1350 pixels

PRO TIP: When dealers add a GIF sticker to their story, search “Gifmyride” on Instagram and browse dealership-specific animations like bows, keys, and speedometers!

Instagram Stories

  • Ratio – 9:16
  • Recommended Resolution – 1080 x 1920 pixels


  • Since Instagram Stories run from the top of a phone screen all the way to the bottom, dealers should leave about 14% (250 pixels) of the image free from any text or logos to avoid their call-to-action being covered by their image.

  • Dealers should NOT upload an image less than 600 x 1067 pixels, that is the MINIMUM resolution required for Stories.

In Summary: How Dealers Will Maximize Instagram Organic Content