IDMD Online Brand Management is a digital marketing agency that offers affiliate marketing solutions for YOUR business. The process is simple and affordable; all you need is an e-commerce platform, and we will implement affiliate links to track leads and purchases for you.

  1. Registration or Sign-up: Create an account or sign up for the affiliate marketing program provided by IDMD. This may involve filling out forms, providing necessary business information, and agreeing to terms and conditions.

  2. Integration of Tracking Tools: IDMD provides tracking tools or software to monitor affiliate-generated traffic and sales. Integrating these tools into your e-commerce website is crucial for tracking affiliate referrals accurately.

  3. Generate Affiliate Links or Codes: Affiliates need unique links or codes to track their referrals. IDMD provides a dashboard where you can generate these links or codes for your affiliates.

  4. Set Commission Structure: Define the commission structure for affiliates. This includes deciding on the percentage or fixed amount they earn per sale, how often payouts occur, and any additional incentives or bonuses.

  5. Create Marketing Materials: IDMD prepares promotional materials such as banners, images, or text links that affiliates can use to promote your products or services effectively.

  6. Launch and Promote: Once everything is set up, IDMD will launch the affiliate program and promote it to attract affiliates. IDMD offers guidance or assistance in promoting the program to potential affiliates.

  7. Monitor and Optimize: Continuously monitor the performance of the affiliate program. Analyze the data to identify successful strategies and areas for improvement. Make the necessary adjustments to optimize the program’s effectiveness.

While the process might vary slightly depending on your current website configuration, your goals, and your needs, these general steps outline the typical ease of setting up an affiliate marketing program. Always refer to IDMD’s specific instructions or guidance for a seamless setup experience.