This Dream customer and Brand messaging session will help us uncover your ideal customer. Not who competitors or algorhythms say, but who YOU truly want to connect with.

From there we delve into exactly what to say to that customer and why? What is your Brand story, where is your soul, what actually sets you apart, what does that customer need to know to become loyal to you?

This original session is the first step your company needs to take before building, branding, advertising or spending precious marketing dollars anywhere else. It’s a cornerstone strategy that will lead you to real, measurable results: new customers, repeat business, increased revenue, and a strong return on investment.

What is GREENLIGHT Creative?

Founded and owned by Angie Beers, Greenlight Creative is a local, original, service and creative solution that will set your business apart from the competition.

How can a GREENLIGHT Session benefit your business?

This uniquely developed needs analysis delves into your true target customer and their motivation, allowing you and your team to develop a customized strategy that actually speaks this customer’s language.  By creating a marketing plan, targeted at your Greenlight Customer, you will generate tangible

RESULTS and Return On your Investment!

Dream Customer & Brand Messaging Strategy Session

Walk away with a clear understanding of your Brand Story! 15min online Goal Assessment 2hr on location (or online) workshop. 3-8 ppl.

15-minute online Goal Assessment.

2 hours of on location (or online) workshop.  3-8 people.  Includes:

  • Creation of Dream Customer.

  • Competition discovery.

  • Unveiling Unique Story Points.

  • Wrap up Report.

+ 1.5-hour follow-up session.

Brainstorm | Execution | Platforms

Greenlight Client Testimonials

I had the privilege of working with Angie for many years as the founder of Glassmasters Autoglass. Angie was one of the first people to actually convince me that an “outsider” could really help me with my business. Small business people tend to be really really protective of their organization. She then helped create a memorable tagline that fit the personality of the business and resonated with consumers.
The branding for Glassmasters was incredible. It was authentic, had a bit of a swagger and was fun, while being different from your parents’ glass company. It conveyed that feeling with one short, impactful tagline, “Show us your Crack”!
Angie has always worked hard for her clients, with complete integrity, and equally as important, She is just GOOD at what she does.
 ~Miles Palmer, Glassmasters Autoglass
Miles Palmer, Glassmasters Autoglass

Angie is simply the best in the creative production business. We started working with her as she led the charge on our first ever Radiothon which helped us raise hundreds of thousands in donations, including an ongoing monthly donation program that Angie initiated, which still brings in money today. Her ability to listen and understand our brand and our needs is exceptional. She is strategic and nimble.

Her creativity is second to none.

But what really sets Angie apart from others, is her huge heart and deep compassion for others. She listens with her heart and leads with her mind, but it is her heart that really drives her creativity and craft.

Gail Anne Corbett, Kids Cancer Care Foundation of Alberta

Angie conducted a very successful focus group for Troy Shoppe Jewellers. Creative was then developed to be very inclusive and show the value of getting a ring from an expert jeweler. Troy Shoppe is now attracting the type of clientele that appreciates their custom work.

Trail Appliances was a long time client that specifically requested Angie to handle all of their creative requirements for Alberta and Saskatchewan. Angie had several meetings with the client to establish a tone to their sales events but also wanted to make sure that the branding message was consistent. Her incredible service resulted in them continuing to purchase significant advertising from us, even when there may have been slightly better options.

Angie is not afraid to tell you like it is. She will direct you on a path to success and is capable of pivoting when results are not what were predicted. Angie goes over and above to ensure her clients are happy. The true testament to this is the longevity with which she has worked with many clients.

Robin Waldo, Senior Account Executive , Bell Media