Whether you are new to Google AdWords or an experienced veteran, everyone can make these common mistakes while working on an ad campaign. Today, I will go over these mistakes and cover some solutions. If left unchecked, your campaign could cost more money or limit the potential of your ads.

Mistake #1 – Keyword Research is Lacking

Firstly, if you do not thoroughly research which keywords are relevant for your campaign, you could possibly cause your campaign to pay for searches that do not relate to the product or service you are providing. A solution for this situation is to figure out a list of 10-15 keywords you can use for your campaign and then use the modifiers. These modifiers are called broad match (+), exact match ([ ]), and phrase match (“”). By using these, you can cover scenarios where searchers use additional words in addition to your selected keywords.

Mistake #2 – Not Adding Negative Keywords

This Google AdWords mistake can be very costly to your AdWords campaign and can drive up your costs. By utilizing negative keywords, you are able to remove words that can possibly be searched in addition to your keywords. Start off by coming up with 50-100 negative keywords for your campaign. Techwyse has a list of negative keywords that you can start utilizing immediately. Once you start receiving search data for your campaign, you can add on to the list based on data and remove words that do not relate to your campaign.

Mistake #3 – Only Having a Single Ad Variation

Lastly, the process of making an ad for a Google AdWords campaign requires constant refinement and observation. This helps find that sweet spot where you are paying the least amount of money for conversions. A mistake that can prevent that from happening is to only have one variation of an ad. It is best to have multiple copies (2 or 3) of an ad to be able to compare to each other. Once you had each ad running for a while, whichever ad is performing the best can be used to make additional variations of that ad while the other ads can be put to the side.


A Google AdWords campaign does not yield success overnight. It takes time, effort, and observation of your ads to see results. By avoiding these mistakes and utilizing the solutions for each one, you can save yourself a lot of money and bring in the right people for your business.