IDMD specializes in AI or machine learning for ad placements on Facebook. Our software program allows us to A/B test hundreds of variables per campaign quickly with auto-optimization and in depth reporting. It would take hours to create these tests using Facebook’s ad manager, and weeks to optimize, however, IDMD can perform all of this in minutes with results in as few as a day or two, depending on ad spend.

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IDMD uses the same AI program for Instagram as it does for Facebook, placing multiple ads for testing within the platform.

Our program allows us to test hundreds of ad variations for testing and optimizing in real time, with in depth reporting to support our campaigns and keep our clients informed on what ads are working and who is responding to their social media ads.

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IDMD Online Brand Management recognizes LinkedIn as the most powerful business to business and networking platform available online.

With nearly 700 million active users in 2020, LinkedIn’s expanded from a networking site for professionals to one of the top social media platforms.

Marketing Solutions continued to be LinkedIn’s fastest growing segment, up 44 percent year-over-year.

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Online Brand Management – Machine Learning + Content



IDMD uses AI Solutions for advertising on Facebook and Instagram, allowing us to create over 200 ad variations per campaign, and unlimited campaigns per client.  The program optimizes and “turns off” any test element that is underperforming.


LinkedIn has evolved a great deal since its beginnings as a social platform. Reach professional audiences and cultivate strong engagement on LinkedIn with its 65.5+million decision makers on the #1 most trusted platform for business & networking.

SEO & Google Adwords

SEO solutions vary from listings and keyword analysis to automated and instant results through our back-linking program. Google Adwords & YouTube ads are an excellent addition to your advertising mix ensuring your business if found by your potential customers.

In-depth reporting for audience analysis and campaign optimization

Click the image above to download a Facebook and Instagram sample Lifetime Audience Profile report.

Click the image above to download a Facebook and Instagram post engagement report.

Click the image above to download a Facebook and Instagram post spending performance report.

Click the image above to download a Facebook and Instagram in-depth performance report

A 360 approach to your brand online.

AI solutions to save you money and time!

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