Top 9 Online Marketing Strategies for Health Spas

The basics of online marketing always apply, regardless of industry. Behavioral nudges are also a great way to market your spa online. Let’s look at how you can apply each of these online marketing strategies to your health spa.

1 – Website SEO

When someone types in a search term related to health spas, you want your spa to come up. This is especially true if the person searching is nearby (more on local SEO, later). To put it simply, website SEO is the act of making a website easy for a search engine to find.

SEO best practices include:

  • Making sure your website is crawlable.
  • Using keywords in page titles.
  • Using keywords in blog posts.
  • Making blog posts easy-to-read.
  • Links to pages within your own website.
  • Links to reputable sources outside your own website.
  • and much more.

2 – Content Marketing

Content marketing, when paired with solid SEO practices is one of the most important elements of online marketing. The content on your website not only makes sure the right people find you, it also shows that you know what you are talking about, and gives customers a feel for your company culture.

Content ideas for health spas:

  • Use your spa’s blog to show that your company is filled with experts by writing scientific posts.
  • Interview your staff about their personal expertise.
  • Discuss tips and tricks everyone can use at home.
  • Review your favorite health-related products.
  • Use social media, blog posts, landing pages, e-books, newsletters, podcasts, and videos.

3 – Inbound Marketing

Inbound marketing is the practice of bringing people to you organically, rather than through advertising. People find you because you have the information they want. You share that information, show off your company, and gain a ton of leads.

Did you know that content marketing is often considered a part of inbound marketing? Using calls to action (CTAs) and by having people sign up for free newsletters and memberships you can pull people through the buyer’s journey and turn leads into buyers. Often, exclusive content through newsletters and memberships is free as long as people agree to be on your mailing list and receive promotional offers. This is great for retention.

4 – Local SEO

Let’s not forget about local SEO. This is, perhaps, one of the most important forms of SEO your company will need to focus on. Why? You are a brick and mortar business relying on actual people walking through real doors to buy services.

Sure, you might sell some products online, but those appointments are your bread and butter. More and more people are turning to online reviews and maps to find reputable local businesses. It is essential that your health spa ranks well in local searches on search engines and searches of local maps.

Get your free local SEO checklist by clicking here.

5 – Use Freebies & Coupons to Get People to Share Online

Have your current clients/customers share pictures or blog posts of their experience. A great way to incentivize this kind of behaviour is to offer freebies and coupons to people who participate. The free item or coupon can be small, or you can turn it into a competition for a larger prize.

In action, it would look something like this:

Share before and after pictures from your facial treatment to be entered for your chance to win a $50 gift certificate!

6 – Post your spa menu online

Want people to move from simply looking at your website to booking a treatment? Give them a resource they can use to do just that: a spa menu.

You can make it in the form of an online brochure, a landing page, or a .pdf. You can even make it into all three based on the consumer’s preference. The form of the menu is less important than its presence. People want to know what you offer, how it will benefit them, and what it will cost. Offer that information freely, easily, and in an obvious location (menu bars are great for this).

7 – Allow people to book online

Set up an online scheduling system where customers can schedule their spa appointments using an online calendar.

Online scheduling is a huge draw for a lot of people. It helps busy people schedule an appointment without having to pick up a phone. There is no wait time, no getting put on hold, and none of that, “We’re looking at early next week, what do you have available on a Monday,” kind of stuff. It’s simple and it’s fast.

It’s also great for shy people who don’t like to call to make appointments. To top it all off, it’ll save you time and money since you won’t have to pay your receptionist to field as many appointment-related calls. Did you know that large medical facilities can devote an employee’s entire seven-hour shift to scheduling?

8 – Offer birthday and anniversary specials for newsletter subscribers

One great way to get people to sign up for your newsletter is to offer special benefits. Have your subscribers enter their birthdays to get a coupon, discount, or free service on their birthday, then deliver the special coupon to their inbox. You can also set it up to send them a special bonus on the anniversary date from when they signed up.

Now that you have these people on your mailing list you can send them promotional information about new services and sales. You can even let them know what’s happening on your blog from time to time to keep them engaged with your brand.

9 – Send push notifications for quick turnaround

If your company uses a progressive web app, you can use push notifications, sent directly to your customers’ cell phones to bring them through the doors faster than ever.

For example, if you have a 2-hour mid-day lull you can send out a flash message saying: “The next three walk-in appointments get 50% off.” You can turn that lull into a profitable 2-hour period. Of course, common courtesy and good business practices says you should also send out a notification once those three spots have been claimed.