“Must-Know” Stat for Pinterest: 45% of the people in the U.S with household income over $100k are on Pinterest.

Organic Optimization on Pinterest

Pinterest organic reach plays a vital role in the Pinterest marketing strategy of auto marketers. When targeting the Automotive Nomadic Customer, this platform enables dealers to effectively reach, inspire, and establish a strong dealership brand presence where customers spend their time.

Getting Started on Pinterest

  • Complete Business Account: Ensure that your profile picture and bio accurately represent your brand. Fill in all the information fields and incorporate keywords related to your OEM, location, and inventory.
  • Create Boards: Develop boards that align with your dealership’s brand or OEM and categorize your content accordingly. Choose enticing and descriptive names for the boards.
  • Pin Regularly: Consistency is crucial on Pinterest. Pin several times a day, including both your own content and content from other relevant sources.

The Basics of Pinterest Organic For Dealers How Dealers’ Posts Reach Automotive Nomadic Customers on Pinterest? Users encounter a dealership’s pins on Pinterest through various channels:

  • Home Feed: Users see a dealership’s pins in their personalized home feed, which displays content based on their interests and past engagement.
  • Search Results: Users can search for content on Pinterest using keywords, and relevant dealership pins will appear in the search results if they are optimized for search and contain relevant keywords.
  • Related Pins: When users view a specific pin, they also see a section called “Related Pins” that displays similar content of potential interest. If the dealership’s pins align with the user’s interests, they will appear in this section.
  • Boards: Car shoppers can discover a dealership’s pins by visiting their boards. By creating boards that align with the dealership’s brand and offerings, users can find the most relevant content.
  • Profile: Automotive Nomadic Customers can visit a dealership’s profile to explore all the boards and pins created. This provides users with an overview of what sets the dealership apart from others.

Creating Content For Pinterest

  • Use High-Quality Images: Pinterest relies on visuals, so ensure your images are high-quality and visually appealing. Use images that accurately represent your dealership’s brand and showcase the latest vehicles and services.
  • Utilize Vertical Pins: Vertical images perform better on Pinterest, so create tall and narrow pins. Vertical images occupy more screen space, capturing the attention of the Nomadic Customer.
  • Maintain Simple and Clean Design: Keep your pin designs simple, clean, and focused on essential information. Avoid clutter and excessive graphics, ensuring that pins are visually appealing and easy to understand.
  • Incorporate Clear and Bold Text: Use clear and bold text in your pins to provide additional context and information. Ensure the text is legible against the background image.

Create Relevant Boards

  • Develop boards that align with your dealership’s offerings and services, categorizing your content accordingly. Give the boards descriptive names and organize the content to facilitate easy navigation for users.

In Summary: Maximizing Organic Pinterest for Dealers

  • Pin Consistently: Active and engaging accounts are more likely to be seen by users. Aim to pin as frequently as possible.
  • Use Keywords: Incorporate automotive-specific keywords in pin descriptions, board names, and profile to enhance discoverability. Use relevant keywords related to your dealership, such as vehicle makes and models, as well as the services you offer.

In Summary: How Dealers Will Maximize Pinterest Organic





Automotive Advertising on Pinterest

Pinterest serves as a visual discovery and planning platform, offering automotive marketers a valuable opportunity to engage with Automotive Nomadic Customers through captivating and inspiring content.

Why Automotive Marketers Should Advertise on Pinterest

  1. Visual Discovery: Pinterest is a platform where users actively search for and discover new ideas, products, and services. Automotive marketers can leverage this visual discovery aspect to effectively reach potential car shoppers and showcase their products in an appealing manner.
  2. Engaged Audience: Pinterest boasts a highly engaged audience that actively seeks out new ideas and products. By advertising on Pinterest, automotive marketers can tap into this engaged user base, increasing the likelihood of driving conversions and capturing customer interest.
  3. Targeted Advertising: Pinterest provides targeted advertising options, enabling automotive marketers to reach in-market car shoppers based on their interests, search history, and location. This targeted approach ensures that the right audience is exposed to relevant automotive advertisements.

Benefits of Automotive Advertising on Pinterest

  1. Increased Brand Awareness: Advertising on Pinterest allows automotive marketers to enhance brand awareness and connect with a new audience of in-market car shoppers. By leveraging the platform’s reach, marketers can establish a strong presence and generate recognition for their brand.
  2. Improved Visibility: With its emphasis on visual content and a large user base, Pinterest offers automotive marketers an opportunity to boost their visibility. By strategically promoting their products and services, marketers can expand their reach and connect with more potential car shoppers.
  3. Increased Conversions: Through showcasing dealership inventory or services on Pinterest, automotive marketers can effectively engage a highly attentive audience, leading to increased conversions and improved return on investment (ROI). The platform’s engaged user base increases the likelihood of users taking action based on the advertisements they encounter.

By leveraging Pinterest as an advertising platform, automotive marketers can leverage visual appeal, engage with a targeted audience, and reap the benefits of enhanced brand awareness, visibility, and conversions.

Achieving Results with Pinterest Ads

To achieve success with Pinterest Ads, it is essential to follow the following steps:

  1. Identify your target audience: Gain a deep understanding of your target audience on Pinterest. Determine their age, gender, location, interests, and challenges they face.
  2. Select the appropriate ad format: Pinterest provides various advertising options such as Promoted Pins, Video Ads, and Story Pins. Choose the ad format that aligns best with your objectives and target audience.
  3. Utilize relevant keywords: Keywords play a vital role in enhancing the visibility of your content in Pinterest search results. Incorporate relevant keywords in your boards, pins, and descriptions to increase the chances of your content being discovered by potential car buyers.
  4. Monitor and measure results: Regularly monitor your Pinterest analytics to track your performance. Utilize the insights gained to optimize your content and advertising strategies, ensuring effective engagement with potential car buyers.
By implementing these strategies and adhering to best practices, automotive marketers can effectively connect with Automotive Nomadic Customers on Pinterest and drive conversions. Pinterest’s highly engaged and inspiration-seeking audience makes it a valuable platform for automotive marketers seeking to enhance brand awareness and boost sales.


Capture Automotive Nomadic Customers Now!

To put it briefly, auto marketers face a significant challenge in reaching Automotive Nomadic Customers today, but there’s a solution: social media. Leveraging social media advertising provides dealerships with the long-awaited chance to connect with this elusive audience.

Nevertheless, merely establishing a presence on any social media platform won’t suffice. To effectively engage the automotive nomadic customer, automotive marketers must adopt a comprehensive and integrated approach to social media advertising. This approach should consider the customer’s journey from awareness to purchase, as well as their digital behavior.

Are you making the most of your social media opportunities and maximizing your ability to capture Automotive Nomadic Customers?

With the aid of this comprehensive guide, auto marketers will possess the necessary tools to effectively reach these Nomadic Customers. They will be able to deliver the right message, in the right place, and at the right time, ultimately driving higher engagement, conversions, and achieving success!

In Summary: How to Reach the Automotive Nomadic Customer