Jodi Morel

Hello and welcome! I’m Jodi Morel, founder of IDMD Online Brand Management.
I am a storyteller at heart with a passion for blending creativity and strategy in the ever-evolving world of media and advertising.

My journey began in 1992 when I moved to Calgary to study journalism at SAIT. Since graduating in 1994, I’ve enjoyed a 30+ year career in traditional advertising across radio, print, and TV. Crafting campaigns for a diverse range of clients, from big names like Telus Canada and Petsmart to local favorites like Lonestar Mercedes and Mayfair Diagnostics, has been a rewarding experience.

Throughout my career, I’ve worn many hats, including roles as a radio advertising account manager, market research manager, and digital marketing manager. Working with respected organizations like Corus Entertainment, Bell Media, Harvard Media, and Newcap Radio has broadened my understanding of the industry and local businesses.

As media evolves, so do I. While the landscape shifts towards shorter attention spans and digital platforms, I bring the fundamentals of communication and creative storytelling to the forefront. My mission is to support small business owners and entrepreneurs by equipping them with efficient tools while helping them discover the unique narratives that differentiate them in a competitive market.

Jodi Morel

Angie Beers, Owner & Creative Director of Greenlight Creative Marketing, brings over 23 years of expertise in the Canadian media and advertising industry. Angie led teams across Western Canada, crafting effective advertising campaigns for radio, television, and digital platforms. Notable achievements include securing numerous high-value clients, spearheading innovative initiatives like the first multi-market Radio Creative Hub in Canada, and leading community efforts, including the Kids Cancer Care Radiothon. Angie’s philosophy is, “If you try to market to everyone, you’ll end up marketing to no one!”

Angie Beers brings her Greenlight Creative process to IDMD, guiding clients through engaging strategy sessions to identify their dream customers and develop the most effective brand messaging to speak to that customer. Angie also specializes and guides clients through unique brainstorming techniques and team building creativity workshops.

Jodi Morel

Antnan Mpekir: WordPress Guru at IDMD,

Antnan Mpekir is a renowned WordPress developer with over a decade of experience. He is known for his innovative solutions and quick adaptation to new technologies. Antnan specializes in creating custom WordPress websites and plugins, using PHP, JavaScript, and CSS. His expertise has led to projects that exceed client expectations and elevate user experiences. As an Elite Author on Envato, he has delivered top-tier web solutions to various industries. Antnan’s dedication and multifaceted background make him an invaluable asset to the IDMD team, pushing the boundaries of WordPress development and creating unparalleled digital experiences. He has brought his expertise to IDMD clients, resolving complicated coding issues and building personalized programs such as the affiliate program for Blue Sky Cabo, giving IDMD an advantage in focusing on solving problems, and not becoming mired down in the restrictions that come with out-of-the box templates and plugins.

Brand Management

Advertising to everyone is expensive and inefficient. Instead, we use cutting-edge technologies to promote your business to a hyper-targeted audience, including competitors’ customers, people nearby, past customers, and more—without compromising consumer privacy along the way.

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Extensive AI Solutions for hyper targeted, efficient, social media campaigns.

Targeted Social Ads

We use AI Technology for efficient advertising placement & tracking, saving you money & time while providing in depth reporting.

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We take a 360 degree approach to SEO and Online Reviews.

Online Reputation management

We not only create content, blog posts and white papers, we also provide online listings management, online review management and email campaigns with tracking and reporting.

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We provide WordPress support for increased security and function.

Website design

We ensure that your site is mobile friendly, modern and working to help grow your business as part of your entire online media mix.

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We are motivated in your success, as your success is our success.

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We build fruitful, long-term,
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