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Online Review Management In Calgary: Four Tips You Should Know

Nowadays, every business that wants to grow and increase its customer base needs to have an online presence. However, your reputation can go a long way in either attracting customers or chase them away. For this reason, it is essential for business owners to effectively manage and respond to reviews as they form an integral part of their online presence.

While positive reviews encourage people to make purchases, negative ones taint your reputation and discourage patronage. It is safe to say that online review management in Calgary is critical to the success of your business. But how can you efficiently manage your online reviews? Consider the following tips.

1) Ask Your Customers For Feedbacks

It is pertinent to let your customers know that their opinion about how you do business matters. Provide a place on your website where customers can post reviews. You may also want to sign up for a service that automatically sends emails to your customers asking for their reviews. If they are satisfied with their purchase, they will be happy to let others know about it.

2) Be Dedicated

Online review management in Calgary requires being proactive. If you choose to read your online reviews any time you feel like it, then you may not attract new customers. It is advisable to check for new reviews at least once each week. When going through review sites, take note of how long ago your reviews were written. If they are current, they would have more impact on the opinion of other reviewers.

3) Respond Quickly To Reviews

Whether the reviews are positive or negative, avoid ignoring your customers or delaying before you give a response. True, not all customers will have the same experience, while some may express displeasure others may express satisfaction. When the reviews are positive, show appreciation by saying a simple “Thank you,” and if you do not want to respond publicly, you can send a private message that only the customer will see. But if the review is negative, assure your customers that you care about their input and that the issues will be resolved as soon as possible. Additionally, if the reviewer has a valid complaint, you can offer a discount or a refund on future services to keep the customer happy. This will help you maintain a positive reputation.

4) Make Reviews Easily Accessible And Encourage People To Read Them

If people find it difficult to see your reviews, they may be discouraged from purchasing your products or service. It has been observed that potential customers often check for reviews before making purchases. Unfortunately, these individuals do not have the patience to look for hidden reviews. Simply display a button or a link on your website and any other platform where you have an online presence. This will make it easy for potential customers to read your reviews and encourage existing customers to add their positive reviews as well. You can also incorporate star ratings on your product page as this will help to inform potential customers of the quality of your products.


Online Review Management Calgary
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