Social Media Advertising Calgary

Social Media Advertising Calgary

Social Media Advertising Calgary

Launching your brand is a momentous occasion. Make sure your online presence is what you need for your success. Contact the team at IDMD today to get started. We offer a full range of web solutions that elevate your brand online. Check out what the top social media advertising in Calgary can do for you.

What is social media advertising?

Social media advertising consists of using social media channels to promote a business or individual. Social media marketers design ads and create posts for a company or individual’s social media platforms. Their objective is to generate sales and promote a positive image of the brand or person. This position bears similarities to traditional advertisers that worked in advertising before the rise of social media.

Advertising on social media is different than traditional print media. This is primarily due to the speed at which social media moves. Print ads take days or even weeks to shoot, produce, and print. Social media ads also can include these print campaigns, but that is not the type of content they produce daily. Significant amounts of the collateral that social media managers post are images that can be shot and edited quickly on computers or designed entirely on a computer.

Types of social media

There are over well over fifty different social media platforms. Some boast billion of users each month, like Facebook and Instagram. Others have smaller followings, like Twitch or Meetup. There is overlap between the platforms, as many users have profiles on multiple different networks. Regardless of which platform a business decides to advertise on, they can reach millions of potential customers.

Our social media advertising in Calgary specializes in Facebook and Instagram advertising campaigns. These two platforms are the largest social media networks in the world. Each platform has well over one billion users each month. Creating an advertising campaign on either one of these networks puts your brand in front of millions of potential new customers.

Creating a social media campaign

There are a few steps marketers undertake to create your campaign.

  • They procure data to ensure they target the correct demographic.
  • They create the needed collateral for the posts.
  • They schedule the ideal time for the post to go live. The time of the post coordinates with when your target demographic is online.
  • They measure and track data from the campaign to see what was effective and what needs adjustments.

Importance of social media advertising

The world becomes more digital with each passing day. Even if we don’t like it, social media becomes a larger part of our lives every day. This is how brands communicate with consumers because it is faster and cheaper than traditional print media. If social media advertising did not work, brands wouldn’t use it. If you aren’t using social media, you are missing millions of potential customers.

Don’t get left behind in this changing world. The team at IDMD is tops for social media advertising in Calgary. Let us show you what we can do for your brand!

Social Media Advertising Calgary
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Social Media Advertising Calgary Social Media Advertising Calgary