Understanding the difference between Facebook Advertising and Google AdWords

One of the most important aspects of any business is marketing. The right advertising strategy can make or break a business, and that’s why it is vital that you understand the pros and cons of both Facebook ads and Google AdWords.

We are covering the basics of the two to help you determine which suits you and your business best.

Key differences: Search intent vs. awareness

Perhaps the largest difference between the two is search intent, and each has a very different take. With Facebook, you get a proactive approach and with Google a reactive one.

Facebook ads are displayed to users based on their interests and focus primarily on brand awareness. Google, on the other hand, has what is known as a pull marketing strategy.

People turn to Google when they know what they are looking for and in many cases, they are ready to make the purchase. Facebook is better for leads and things like that.

Keep that in mind when planning your marketing strategy using Google and make your PPC marketing specific, not vague, that is how people use Google the most.

Facebook ads are a whole other animal. Your ads are going to in front of individuals who don’t necessarily have an intention of making a purchase shortly. That makes these types of ads excellent for brand awareness and getting your businesses name and face in front of new people.

Top Strengths: Powerful targeting vs. search intent

Facebook’s targeting ability

There is no question that Facebook’s targeting abilities stand out. You can adjust to a ton of factors such as age, sex, location, specific interests and even based upon other pages liked. You can get as tight with it as you want or stay as loose, whatever you feel will suit your business and product best.

Google’s search intent

With AdWords, it’s all about intent, as we touched upon earlier. With Google, you will be bidding on terms that help you target people at a particular place in the purchasing process. Whether you are sharing helpful articles or specific product information including where to buy, you get to choose.

Differences in cost

Each of these platforms has a different cost associated with it. Facebook tends to have a lower cost compared to AdWords. You will have to try them out and do the math to see which does benefit your business most. Or talk to a professional who will have the knowledge you need to steer you in the right direction.

The breakdown

Google ads are a powerful way to get in front of customers who are already showing a high intent to buy, or who are in the process of researching to buy. The cost of clicks will be a little higher, can be a lot higher, but so are the chances of making a sale.

Facebook and it’s excellent targeting abilities give you the opportunity to get in front of potential customers who don’t even know you exist yet, helping you build awareness and interest. The highly competitive cost of advertising and their large audience makes this a very attractive option for many businesses.

As you can see, there are some differences between Google AdWords and Facebook advertising. Hopefully, this article has helped you determine which is right for you and your business.