Timely responses build positive reputations, and you can’t get any quicker than this.

Lightning-fast Google Reviews

As of right now, your clients can discover new Google reviews instantly! As soon as a customer leaves a review on Google, you will receive an email and/or push notification (if enabled). Then,you can swing over to Reputation Management to respond to those reviews directly from the product.

A Powerful Example

Imagine the owner of a new truck gives an auto dealership a nasty 1-star review on Google, blasting the business for their supposedly-shady sales tactics. Even if that review is filled with more fiction than fact, it has the power to turn away hundreds of potential customers. But, before the damage is done, the dealership receives an instant email alert, indicating that they’ve received a new review. With a well-crafted response, the dealership replies to that review within minutes.

In this example, there are two favorable outcomes:

  • The reviewer increases their star rating and boosts the sentiment of their review.
  • The reviewer doesn’t change their review. Regardless, the dealership effectively addressed a customer’s concerns within minutes, and potential customers will notice and appreciate that dealership’s unparalleled customer service.  Now that’s powerful.

Our Relationship with Google

Close communication and a tight-knit relationship with Google has allowed us to perfectly time our launch with Google’s general release. We’re proud to say that by consistently leveraging Google’s innovative infrastructure, we continue to be on the forefront of the latest technologies involving listings and reviews.

Connect a Google Account to Get Started!

To receive instant Google reviews, you must connect a Google My Business account in Reputation Management > Reviews > Settings.

Feel free to contact your Partner Success Manager at IDMD Online Brand Management if you have any questions.