As you probably are already aware, Facebook is always making changes.  This week I am featuring a couple of changes, one in particular that should be of great importance to advertisers.

Facebook is dropping the 20% text rule!  That’s right, you heard it, that annoying 21% text and your back to the design phase is gone.  Advertisers now have the ability to put as much text on an ad as desired without having to go through the approval phase.

However, don’t get too excited as there is a hitch. Facebook still considers the 20% text rule when determining how often your ad will be displayed to your chosen audience. Therefore, sure you can fill your ad with starbursts and text to your heart’s delight, but the cost per impression will likely be affected.  Therefore, best to stay as close to the 20% rule as possible.

Also note on the text to image rule, Facebook does not penalize you for text that is part of the image, only text that is added after. Therefore, if your ad is a vehicle with a “wrap” containing text, that text is not included in the 20% rule.

Facebook has also introduced a new process for Facebook Live, allowing you to stream professionally produced video using a 3rd party app.  Two apps available are paid, one is free, so you have options.

Here is the walk through for the Live video Feed from the Facebook Pages:

** Yes, it is a little complicated to set up, but once done is a much more professional look to the Live videos.