Rotten Eggs on Twitter

We all have them, those rotten eggs, the fake followers that appear on our Twitter followers stream pretending to be human.  They are usually easy to spot: first name only, no cover and no face, just an egg.  Most of the time, it's not an issue as fake followers tend to unfollow when they realize they are not being followed back. However, there are situations where your Twitter account may have become a target, or when a frustrated marketing assistant decides it might be easier to buy fake followers.  In either case, cleaning up the account and getting rid of the "rotten eggs" can be easily achieved with a free code, provided below with instructions.

Code Instructions

First, go to your Twitter account and go to the follower tab. This should give you a visual of all of your existing followers, including bad eggs.

If on a PC, 'Shift - right click" anywhere on the screen. If a Mac, "cntl - mouse click" - what you want is the option to "inspect element".

Code will appear below your twitter page, click the "Console" tab

At the bottom of "console" there is an area where you can insert code.  Click on the button to the right for the text file, copy and paste the text in this area, then click "enter". It will remove the rotten eggs, free and simple.

Click here for TXT file of Code

Screen Shots with Instructions Below