The recent decision of the Supreme Court of British Columbia in Weaver v. Corcoran considers important legal principles applicable to Internet defamation, including rules regarding an Internet publisher’s liability for reasonably anticipated redistribution of defamatory statements and rules regarding a website operator’s liability for defamatory reader comments posted on the website. The decision is important for all Internet publishers and operators of websites that publish user comments.

Weaver v. Corcoran is an important reminder of basic legal principles regarding defamation and their application to Internet publications and websites. In particular, Weaver v. Corcoran indicates: (1) a publisher of a defamatory statement will be liable for a republication or distribution of the statement if the republication/distribution is the natural and probable result of the original publication; and (2) an operator of an Internet website will be considered a publisher of a defamatory comment posted by a user on the website if the operator plays an active role in the initial posting of the comment or fails to remove the defamatory comment promptly after becoming aware of the comment.  Full Article – Source: Internet Defamation

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