Beyond Bullying

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Beyond Bullying Earlier this week, my son's teacher scribbled a note in his agenda, "Children's book author presenting on Cyber bullying at 7pm Thursday night." I found it ironic that someone in the field of cyber anything would commit to print on a topic that changes faster than the ink could dry, but more concerning is the [...]

Navigating the Digital Age

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Navigating the Digital Age: The Definitive Cybersecurity Guide for Directors and Officers. "An understandable, but untenable response to this daunting threat environment is to assume that prevention is impossible, so we must simply detect and respond to all intrusions. The fundamental problem with this approach is that without significant prevention, no combination of people, process, [...]

Internet Defamation

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The recent decision of the Supreme Court of British Columbia in Weaver v. Corcoran considers important legal principles applicable to Internet defamation, including rules regarding an Internet publisher’s liability for reasonably anticipated redistribution of defamatory statements and rules regarding a website operator’s liability for defamatory reader comments posted on the website. The decision is important [...]

BLG featured on “Business warning on social media hazards”

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With the rapid growth in the popularity and use of social media, it's also important for employers to realize that the costs can be steep if employees make defamatory – or otherwise negative statements – regarding your brand. When it comes to defamation via social media, “there is a big risk,” says Michael Smith, a [...]

Seven Basic Tips to Manage Your Reputation Online

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Question: Where does a computer geek hide a dead body? Answer: On the third page of Google. As of 2015, more than 3 billion people worldwide access the Internet every day*. Considering the world's population is estimated to be 7 billion, almost half of the world is on the world wide web. It has also [...]