An Overview of Reputation Management

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Are you aware of what individuals such as former employees or the competition are saying about your or your company online? Thanks to online tools such as blogs,  customer reviews, and video sharing, people are able to create and distribute content about you or your business without your knowledge or control. It is extremely important to pay attention to what's [...]

Social Media in business and the importance of an “Acceptable Use Policy”

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Acceptable Use Policy and its importance to your business The Risk Social Media can Pose to your Business Social media has become THE communications medium of the twenty-first century. As a result, companies large and small have discovered that it is a simple thing to suffer negative repercussions from the misuse of social media. Whether [...]

Be email savvy. Be IM Secure.

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Email and instant messaging (IM) is quick, easy and direct but it’s not always secure. Cyber criminals prey on novice users. Become email savvy and IM secure to protect yourself from the latest cyber scams. Do not send sensitive photographs, personal, financial or confidential information via email or in an instant message (IM). Ensure that [...]

Seven common mistakes when starting out in Social Media:

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Seven common mistakes when starting out in Social Media Every business owner goes through the process, regardless of size or experience.  The first thing they do is get a website and try their hand at SEO (Search Engine Optimization). Then they create a Facebook page, Twitter account, LinkedInpage, Google+ account, Pinterest and proceed to advertise, [...]

The Right to be Forgotten – Privacy Online

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The Right to be Forgotten My son is four years old, and like most mothers, I often capture precious moments with my digital camera. Also like many mothers, I post these photos and others of family and friends, to my Facebook page. Josef has his own “album” on my page, full of cute pictures such [...]

Business Beware – what every business should know BEFORE creating a places page on Google

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In my business, I more than occasionally deal with public relations and reputation management issues online.  In most cases, it's a reasonably easy fix: identify the problem, engage in an SEO, social media and Adwords strategy, and Go! However, when it comes to Google Places, its a whole different ball of wax.  Many business' sign up [...]